Tempest is an online, fast paced, 2 to 4 players, aerial dog-fighting game where you control a spaceship capable of moving in all directions wielding several different weapons. The game is played with an Xbox controller in a LAN environment or online on dedicated servers.

  • Several different whitebox levels
  • Level Design through several iterations of the game

  • Audio - Editing, Mastering and Implementing all Audio networked with C#

    Scripting and Gameplay

  • VFX design, implementation and networking
  • Pick-Ups functionality and spawn system
  • Gameplay balance, tweaking weapons and pick-ups in C#
  • User Interface scripting

  • Project Lead - Held the vision for the game. Set milestones for the team to work towards and kept the team on track working towards these milestones while simultaneously writing our bachelor thesis.

    Environment & Player Showcase

    Alpha playtesting with 3 players:

  • The whiteboxing process, how to iterate on my level designs, and to kill my darlings.
  • My first time trying my hand at doing a little bit of VFX work.
  • Networking an online multiplayer game, and many of the difficulties of this.
  • Getting all the audio, vfx to show up for everyone and have hits and score etc get registred on the network.
  • Audio implementation in Unity, and networked to work for four players online.