Spring Breeze

Spring Breeze is a single player action adventure game featuring a wily mouse and a faithful owl working together to defeat a common foe. Navigate your way through a beautiful forest and destroy the alien structure at the center of the level while avoiding or destroying the alien drones chasing you.

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The first thing the player see when entering the game: The main objective in focus
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The "Hills" objective, with the path towards the "Forest" objective on the right
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The "Forest" Objective.
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Two paths out from the "Forest" objective.
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The transition area between the "Forest" and the main objective.
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The very narrow and hard to navigate area where the "Cave" objective is.

Level Design
  • Whiteboxing using placeholder assets made by the artists and sculpting terrain in Unity.
  • Taking the level from concept to final product going through several iterations of the level design as the game mechanics changed.
  • Set Dressing - Assisting the artists by populating the environment with assets trying to get a varied and diverse believable forest with a minimum amount of assets.

  • Scripting and Gameplay Design
  • Working closely with the programmers designing and tweaking the player camera behaviour and functionality.
  • Tweaking and iterating on the player controls together with the programmers with the goal of having the main mechanic feels as polished as possible and working with the level we have.
  • Working with the VFX, Animation, Audio and UI designers designing visual feedback for the player character and the environment to enhance the quality of the game experience and give the players visual feedback on all their actions.
  • Starting the game you are immediately confronted with the main objective of the game. The environment is shaped to funnel the player towards the objective. There is a cable coming out of the left side shaped to lead the player towards the first small objective.

    Coming into the hills area you are being led towards the objective with both the environment and the cable. The objective is in sight as soon as you get in. The top of the trees creates a less inviting noisy feeling and is supposed to make the player not want to fly up.

    Once you make it to the hills objective you are forced to make quick decisions. You have a multitude of options of what to do. There is an obvious path you can take through the stone arch which is the most easily navigated if you pick up the objective here. But you can also fly up and above through the small gaps in the foliage (circled). Or fly to either of the paths left. There IS a path to the right, but it is not possible to turn into it, which is why it is hidden when you come in from this angle.

    Coming out of the forest objective area you have a couple of options. Either taking the obvious easy path through the stone arch, following the cable you know lead to the objective. Or you can fly down through the inviting bent over trees.

    Most of the time when you are looking towards the direction of the main objective it will be framed for you to easily find it, or you can follow the cables. The trees are aligned all over the level to invite the player to fly in between them and close to them.

    Inside the cave the objective is framed in the center of the cave. BUT I want to bring up something here. The cable is actually leading straight up and through the ceiling of the cave, which is too steep of an angle for the player to fly up and is not following the intended critical path of the cave area (either of the red arrows). This is something that I didn't have time to correct during the project but something I would fix if there was more time by either having the cable follow the critical path or making the cave larger to allow the player to fly up.

    Level Overview.

    The entry point of the level gives the player a direct view of the first objective (the core) and the main objective looking menacing in the distance.

    The lush and most forest-like part of the level, completely covered with foliage except for some dirtpaths helping guide the player.

    The open area over the water is a place where the player can take a breather, and collect themselves before diving back into the dangerous areas.

    The tightest parts of the level where the player is funneled near the cliff walls and have to be very careful not to crash into anything.

    The goal of the player is to find and pick up the five explosive cores and throw them at the alien base structure to drive your enemies out of the forest.

    Attacking is done by aiming roughly in the direction of an enemy and pressing the attack button, making the mouse jump and destroy the target.

    The player can do a dodge-roll a short distance to the left or right using the left and right shoulder buttons on the controller.

    The player can activate a short duration boost where the owl flaps its wings and temporarily give the player a short burst of speed.