Gameplay Trailer

Dimensional Rift

Dimensional Rift is an arcade-style Virtual Reality game designed for the HTC Vive and plays a bit like fruit ninja in space, with a shield, and lasers. The goal of the game is to survive for as long as possible and earn a higher score by keeping the combo up and competing on the steam leaderboards. The game is availible for free on Steam and is currently at over 12 500 downloads with 96% positive reviews.

An important aspect of the design for the game was to make it accessible for color-blind players, this is why all the spheres have distinctly different colors, patterns and movement schemes to make it easier for players to distinguish them from each other.

Scripting and Gameplay

  • Menu System and UI for VR made with C#
  • Score System and Steamworks Integration
  • Extensive playtesting and gameplay balance of fifteen waves in five difficulty levels.

  • Environment - 3D Assets and effects for the Sword, Portal, Door and Floor

    Audio - Editing, Mastering and Implementing all sound effects and voice lines with C#
  • Recording and directing the voice actress .
  • Editing and mastering voice lines.

  • Project Lead - Held the vision for the game and kept the small team on track working towards our weekly milestones.

    Dimensional Rift
  • Working with and designing for Virtual Reality as an early adopter of the HTC Vive system.
  • I learned about designing games and UI for people with hearing impairments, or color blindness etc.
  • Implementation of Steamworks score systems. Publishing to Steam.
  • The negative effects VR can have on a body if you spend several hours straight playtesting prototypes, headaches, eye strain, nauseusness for example.
  • Working with a voice actress. Recording and Directing in a recording studio.